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Cheapest Prices for the Finest Quality Advanced E Cigarettes in Las Vegas

Sin City E Smoke, the online advanced e cigarette or electronic cigarette and personal vapor shop, presents the latest, newest generation, hottest, best selling, the best brand e smoke and electric cigarette on the market today at everyday, low, cheap prices.  Quit smoking cigarettes today!  Switch to a safer, cheaper alternative electronic smoking device from the leader, Sin City eSmoke.  Check out our selection of EGO advanced electronic cigarette such as the revolutionary Sinister C, pen-style Stealth F1, stylish Sinuous Elips, and all-time classic, the Slim 510.  These are the highest quality e cigarettes on the marketplace today at the lowest prices and includes free shipping.*  Sin City E Smoke is commited to bring you the best value and customer service all at super discounted, cheap prices.



We have several new additions to our esmoke personal vapor line-up.  We have our all-new, mini starter kit, the Sinner's EGO E Cig Starter Set which has the minimum to get you started but doesn't skimp on technolgy, style, or esmoke.  It includes a large capacity battery with the leak-proof, easy to fill, large e liquid tank, the CE4 V2.  This is the latest generation CE4 with the longer, multi-wicks.  This is an excellent and cost-effective way to start or try a refillable, tank cartomizer that is the latest generation e-smoke advancement.  These are less than half the price of our other starter sets and works terrific.  Save by using your own USB wall charger or computer to charge the rechargeable battery with the included USB adapter cable.


Sin City E Smoke would like to also present to you our all-new Sensational KR808D and Red Devil KR808D e-cigarettes.  The Sensational 808 starter kit comes with 5 disposable cartomizers or carts, USB wall charger, USB adapter cable, and 2 long lasting, rechargable battery.  These are the same kind you see on other sites with disposable cartomizer e-cig at about half the price or more!  The replacement cartridge comes in a variety of flavors, nicotine strength, and no nicotine e liquid.  You can also easlily refill your current cartomizer cartridges or refill one of ours and save even more.  You can refill the carts with your own special, favorite e juice blend.